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- Provide science-based programs and technology across the curriculum (multiple disciplinary), holistic and quality centered on Islam and science academic excellence recent to contribute to the development needs of the community and country.

- To prepare trainers who aspire to become professional and dynamic leaders through excellence in teaching, research, community services and consulting.

3 - KIST strengthen ties with the community so that the existing expertise at KIST is beneficial to society, and KIST has always received support and encouragement to people who thrive in the course of balancing the need to build knowledge with the responsibility to the community.

Vision Strategy College

Strategy College strives to be the center of educational excellence with unique educational model of integration and Islamization of knowledge and holistic qualities through emphasis on commitment to ethics and moral values.

Infrastructure Facilities Strategy College

- Islamic College of Science & Technology (KIST) provide lecture halls and rooms are comfortable and equipped with the latest teaching materials. Each hall & classrooms equipped with audio equipment, computers, LCD projectors and recent visualizer tool

Strategy College (KIST SABAH)








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